10 Home coming

With roses in hand came shining knight to ladies side

This gift his devotion lade before her forever true

To protect your heart and soul till eternity ends

This I swear now and forever see my hearts doors open wide

And the key to all I own even more to whom I am is given to you.

For days and days the weeks go on passing full of glee

And all through the manner set right the wares of lady come home

And bards play on through out the night that these two as one may be

And dance and play laughing deep and full for any to see

Here in this house even in darkness, bright are the hearts here not alone.

With passing days none come to claim, as was their fear

Lady Queen's hand free now placed forever in knights' hand

And in a house holy all of living fir, cedar, and pine swore for eternity

And as for-told now the path is right spoken by seer

This couple brave, courageous all the new days will stand.

For a time swore each would rest and the courts of kings away would shy

That no word of this Queen fled to the ear of darkness would run

And in peace her head may rest her ease won by will strong her knight

Thus the two dine in the shadow of the willow kings' boughs lye

And on pathways old and forgotten wonder deep in the woods in green hued sun.

From this tranquil stand thus day to night go the two walking proud

In silence the wind a companion speaks as hand in hand they pass unheard

Not warden of gate nor howl of beast marks their passing

For these two in the night are masters moving free unseen as in a shroud

Only the souls of lovers past in shadows themselves hear their words.

In bliss to dine with Ice Queen in her chambers the hour witching past

They speak of things to come and days brighter still

And laugh with out regret all the pains away here now starts a new life

Upon this all agree here now reborn this family proud will last

And none outside have power to take away what has been won free will.

And as ashes the old life burns to the heavens sore comes the fog

As chanted and called a breath comes to refresh the lungs whole

And no wind blows in the dark of night swore each this oath

This enchantment lay before ancestors and gods of old as upon burning Yule log

Each the other to protect and cherish never to leave given heart and soul.

From heart to heart and soul to soul two as one by two won

And swore to defend and keep for sake of love her flesh so white as milk running

That none may share or know the wonder of her touch save Knight

The passion her eyes in mystic light of darkness glows brighter than the sun

And held tight in more than mind finally they rejoice in this homecoming.

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