9 This kiss

The day grand had came and all assembled for the show

The knight and lady vassals in tow round the tourney ran frail

And In fear the spectators glared that dark lord would soon come

And this building of happiness that on the New Year's sprung slow

Would be brought low and end in an instance most dire and fail.

Thus hours from minutes from seconds grew till all were certain the end had come

And in time that hour fel` and grim came the grace of one more surf

Out of hope was sprung the need to speed the campaign

And 3 to 4 came the end with out doom reduced time equal to their new sum

Flew now out the land of darkness and wrights and phantoms turf.

So then cheered all that knew the flight had came and won the day

Unto safety came the lovers unmolested in their wake

With speed of cunning ran the household unfolding this new life

Danced the dame enfolded arms about the lions heart gay

And behind them now all memories of pain laid to rest all for loves sake.

Here now in the silence of the passing came great the host

Left in thought and warmth only one thought remains in each the others mind

No man or maid this day forward in our eyes laid shall shine

Rather glint of mist on darkened night their image shall be less more a ghost

Unto our single beating heart shall we know only for ourselves eyes un-blind.

And in that first night alone with the wind whispering songs in our ear

None the world ever the bliss of flesh so close laid near

Came from our mouths a gentle kiss soft and never-ending

Held close the flesh as to a mother to her babe comforts the dark away fear

And held warm the through the night and shed this night not one pained tear.

So then as sun rose came roses sent along the way

And broken was the fast of the night held warm maid and knight

That each the others thoughts were shared and known truly the depth of each heart

In that blink of time held breath all feared the grandeur of what they beheld heard say

And trembled not of fear, but wonder for the greatness of these two lovers light.

And in her face all Knight could see was the angle of mercy her grace

And swore that moment fealty to none save this woman who's name he breaths as life

Knowing that in his soul none other would have place or want

And sang his devotion to his Queen only pretty things about her would be like lace

And in his heart prayed one day this precious beauty would be his wife.

Reveled all that day in joy the bringing home this ancient love knight knew

So broke the first morning and all was wonder and bliss

Held tight as moved time round the dance each weathering the storm

Fearing none this day and gay the smiles of friends held close and true

All knowing here now came once a lifetime, perfect love, and this kiss.

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