8 Eternal loving song

Now in the hour of freedom comes the will to power

Two as one in home of northern peace

Pray the move to be swift and with out pain

Ready themselves against all odds lest the milk sourer

And prepare for a life in harmony this their new lease.

Both speak of fears that coming day of retributions hand

Knight of being a cur that preys the others mate for love

Queen the fear of wrong things done comes the hand of karma

Both fear in error mayhap this coming day they're to stand

But both know their souls are good and fit together like hand to glove.

From the ice Queen to knight do not fear what you do

In you is not the power of evil things to grow

Nor in you as well the guile to hunt for love from other men's wives

To steal love it must exist in the heart of her you seek the men in question few

And as we see the mystic mirror in his heart and hers no love is to show.

From Knight to his Queen we do nothing wrong

Your freedom we will win because it is the right thing

His heart cold and blind touch's you no more even in rage

His own desire's and need to fill is all his heart sings its own song

Fear not karma will avenge him rather know it is avenging you in flight under my wing.

Think my sweetness of pain in silence his attention on false gods stays

Your words unheard the pleas of heart he shreds each day

Of inconsistent promises never saved the words fall away

How in heart your will he box's in that for fear sake only you stay

Of pain he causes when free flies his hand in raged that you want out each day.

Now in mind your hunger fierce to live again and be free

Think of time well shared my arms about you comfort gave

How for a time the days past too now in moments few your soul able to soar

My devotions to you given of your dreams I am committed to thee

How in my arms our hearts beat as one and in my eyes your tears save.

Think also love hard on how long now over time we have hunted

Of long forgotten caverns and oaths sworn to hearts made one

Of time and time again the hunt for I and you for me for you our love

Of words this live spoken of your need to find me and become one un-blunted

How in that hour my heart rejoiced and embraced you your love never to shun.

With all this in mind know that in you is a reflection of me our love

Not now or ever has this thing we follow threw with now been wrong

To you I am give by my hand to yours in ages past that now we share this divine repast

Do not fear for karma's hand only on Thee will its wraith push and shove,

We are free forever this coming day to be at peace in this our eternal loving song.

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