7 Walking in the rain

Now draws nearer still the day in plans laid waits,

The coming home of lady queen to knight lord in winter lands home,

More intense the rendezvous heated embrace with out words.

Upon words only three in number all knights' fears his lady sates,

So completely now his devotion with renewed vigor no longer alone.

So time comes closer not only by passing of days as much now of need,

The pain of partings end that in one night held with out fear,

These two lovers in bed lay together and sleep the past forsaken.

That for now the hour stretches longer till parting comes they heed,

Keeps hearts made one whole in dark times the pain in souls sear.

Under moon and stars held out the hand in kisses sent to catch and hide,

Received by fingers slender and fye to hold close the will of soul,

Calls the breath heated in wanting pants of kisses yet shared.

Pulled now by hands unseen through closed doors he runs close her side,

For one moment more embraced lips dance to music heard as forgotten lives of old.

Now again the parting, torn to hold and keep close both pull away threw tears,

Out stretched desperation grasping in vain to cling tightly what must be,

Again the passing on air of kisses deep from the heart to fingers grasping.

From behind the glass walls his home she leaves and her words he hears,

Soon I will come home your den my haven our nest to make just for you and me.

Driven long now over miles to cover returns his love his arms yet again another night,

For now into shadows he descends to comfort his aching heart pounding,

The sent her hair and flesh still strong in his home for now eases his strain.

Her mind on he that only can her hurt drive away becomes a guiding light,

And calls out his name in times of need echoing in her heart forever love resounding.

As time drives on and creeps the nearer both feel the want of miles made few,

Of days in silence the eyes strain to hear the voice in eyes spoken screaming out loud,

The void of time moves with out regard but closer comes with baited breath.

Till in mind is heard the song of each the others heart calling out to be held anew,

That in thought all they know is want for the other and hunger for freedom their shroud.

Memories sustain each of the days come past holdings, talks, kisses,

That with a drive of titan will they find reason beyond hope seal

Each day closer to meet and touch of flesh renewed vows their love.

Restraint known before cast aside that closer still the answering of wishes,

More intimate the touch of silk on satin soon the dream becomes real.

And on last parting under clouds tears falling he was pondered,

In times to come our hands as one to walk in the bath of earth asked,

That a promise is made and held out in a touch of bliss.

With out thought to words let fly form mind or even Wondered,

As forever with breath in my body to write so shall we go walking in the rain.

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