5 New beginnings

Open laughter now rings clear in the ladies heart free

That in this place of peace and content with out fears her lord to see

She opens her thoughts, to knight and Queen of Ice the need her hunger

Her mothers arms would run for release the fear in her heart no longer to be

And in days of new growth as Sif's golden locks re-grown return to knight free.

In short passing, moon dances overhead, words are shared of what is to be won

Of open spaces and room yet unused to keep the memories of days past

Of coming together and sharing as one the two in this secret place

And of learning the ancient connection that now bares truth of two always one

As in Munin's eyes in days long past that brings each to now at last.

With longer talks of things to come the plans the house they lay

To bring the lady free from harm to home the knight and play

Under moon and stars the eyes do stair and long to be complete

And time is set the day to come her dread lord yet to the parting of way

His hand from hers now in her knights arms, peace and comfort to stay.

Now together in peace at last the two complete the circle time

Begun in places forgotten to all, oaths long sworn on stone

In caverns deep the hearts now sing to great the warmth to chill

As new begins and now the end to start again with loving rhyme

Knight and lady unlike before together now forever are shown.

Despite her dream her knight in drowning death

The court she walked to question dread lords will

Vassals all in dim light her way they bard

Still her side walked her knight the comfort his will his breath

But the soon shunned lord would see her not still.

Now more like life the dream they walk side by side

His will to free her soul from darker chambers dark kings way

Shunned by those closest to the waning king whispered his ear

That this queen is impure, do not trust the knight they vide

Till he in questions name only drove both from his court er' break of day.

Thus now there free to be one and pure the love built to last

And when time comes her soul to rest and easy the mind

Her matron mothers home to turn, lays the way her healing to mend

And in time this way wend again to home of knight cast

Knowing her heart free the need to fear in knights arms kind.

And in passing this question what would you have before lady he did place

Her response simple and true the need her heart to be happy and fly

Thus spoke her love his devotions would be this thing to her give

But in silence prayed she not set aside his need her love her grace

And that she return in kind his gift to her with out prompt or questions why.

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