4 Unity

She Queen to a dead lord, he Knight her eternal devotion

In moments that come one too few the need their passions grow

But of each only now they take the touch of a hand or glance of lips

In Company the court of kings the hall they hide their growing emotions

To great the price for others to know the love now shared by knight and lady to show.

Now in step as time passes two become one in life and dream

That they should in their laughter cause those around to fear

Matters little in the end; they only find more comfort here in.

In the shadows out the smoke they pour like silk it would seem

Arm and arm they pass the waking dead and pull together for touch sake near.

Each step now in time with out effort they move closer to a common goal

Her freedom won in time to come from the cold fortress of her dread king

With cups of wine the purest red, swear the deed done in days yet come

That her hand will no longer be in the care of her lords heart black as coal

Warmed her heart will be soon the passing of days when her soul will sing.

And in the safety of the snow queen's chambers they are free from corrupt breeze

The touch more intimate they take without fear spies to see

And glance of lips lingers on time held breath as each quivers to the touch.

With burning hands the will is shaped and pain striped away that she take her ease

With bliss in eyes he purrs the name his queen his hands to flesh her knee.

Now I know what I must do, I have no more doubt or fear, with her words I am set free,

Free of the chains that kept me from doing the things that I knew I must,

To her now only do I give my devotions and will my heart,

As in time passed and time yet come for all to see,

Now I know that in her have I placed true all my hopes and trust.

This my queen who walks in the shadows of the world side by side

My gift of love and life accepted with out regret

Moves with me towards the day we shall be free to live openly

And in the light of the moon her eyes stand out and shine pure and wide

Showing the truth of her soul as mysted pure clean nothing from me to hide.

In our wake are words unspoken of things to come and do

A life laid out in silent whispers of hearts touched by smooth white flesh

The caress to ease the tension of body and soul his eager touch

In arched back responds the lady with passion filled eyes new

The dance in silence these two now free of fear free to mesh.

Thus now begins the play were these two take on roles

And to soon left behind bitter lord, knight and lady put their best foot forth

In show of mock deference to a ruler bitter and blind they play

That in silent days to come from out his dark fortress they fly er' he knows

And the new home they nest in lair of knight fled far to the north.

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