3 Lancelot

Here stands one of true intent of will the heart unbroken

All things as past too now stand before in mind his eyes review,

The hurt the hunt the pursuit of one not his true.

Till this end now he sees and move to give his heart the token

That in her hand to feel the will of goodness, from him to her would imbue.

To lend in time the hand that cares and carries more

Of right and just the load in hearts chambers forgotten even to ones self,

The warmth the hearth his soul to share

With room inside to take and hoard that she should not store

Growing pain her lord in heart and mind the tattered ruin her will on shelf.

From knight with gentile words on parchments flow as fresh lay gold

Of more the need to show his understanding weeps deep inside

The white foam steeds running, her heart the ship is toped

A beacon for her soul to guide he hopes with-out to bring to shore and hold

And with his courage the sea her pain to tame, set aside.

Love was not the intent, his heart she won in days long past

But a sign now of respect to her, in side she holds anther mans hand,

Once former friend could not see what now has come.

That he on each suns rising laments her hand in his, his heart in tears cannot last

But in silence to her speaks his desire to his side will come soon stand.

To long away in foreign lands to war the heart trod unseen

Waiting in memories name the face and sound of lady fair his queen

In dreams of lost passions grow the flower of empty petals glow

That he find his way home driven by voice calling out in stars gleam

Waking alone his bed empty, cold, that for now she is another lords waking dream.

In deference he cradles his will and curbs his hunger do you see?

And keeps his hands in respect of lady to side his own waist to win

To her honor he relents that she remain pure, his honor on bended knee,

Their equal hunger and passion if sated till separate her lord be

A doom of both Lancelot and Guinevere would fall for this heated sin.

So to now it comes as before the day of unsettled score

The bonds that tie the heart to soul one the other pledged,

As come to night the sun shines for the moon that it shares its warmth

So to now knight to lady undying devotions eye-to-eye swore

As each now see in shadows moonlight that which is perceived the ledge.

What more now this heart gives ladies eyes have yet to see

Of promises Lancelot has given that they walk and comfort wounded wills

From inside each as sharing not giving of one the others all

In silence now he waits that to his chamber door she should come knocking free

And in his arms no more a dream will be for eternity's sake their lonely heart heal.

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