Penalty for early withdrawal

There was a young man named Frank

Who wanted to open an account at the bank

Frank, he was hopin'

A CD he could open

What they told him, made his heart sank


Frank spoke to a woman named Mae

Who said 'I'd like to help you, ok?

But to open a CD

You need to see Dee

Dee has the day off today'


Frank said 'What kind of bank is this?

Sounds like there's something amiss

To open a CD

I need to see Dee?

F*** Dee! My ass she can kiss!'


Do you think Frank overreacted? Gee,

To get so upset because he couldn't see Dee?

Frank, always remember 

Like the bank, you're now a member

Of the, you know, the F*** Dee! I C!


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and the.... of the .. was , because ? And the ! We're like € in Claw