Don't be too smug

With your looks

Your money

Or your fame

Remember that

Wrinkles are inevitable

Money will burn a hole

In your soul

And fifteen minutes

Is our attention span

Just think of yourselves

As a commodity

And never forget

That in due time

Six feet under

You will be

Our equals

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Pop Rocks's picture

Awsome that is all i can say. Awsome. ~pop rocks~

Lola Margot's picture

Galing mo, bilib na ako. Keep writting. I aint cussing you, in fact count me as one or your devoted followers...*smiles*

Butch Lesley's picture

How true, how true. To me it is we people on the street who put celebrities up on such a high pedestal till many of them believe it themselves. Age and death...the great equalizers.

HAWK SQUAW's picture

well done...... I like this..... they should remember that soon we are all going to be the same.... worm food.... and just because they were once "somebody" in the end they are our equals....