Whether liberal donkeys

Or conservative honkies

They are more than able

To look under the table

These limosine lefties

And republican hefties

Are all the same

At the power game

They have no qualms

About greasing their palms

These back room crooks

With their polished looks

They're slick and sly

To trick the eye

But don't overlook

The path they took

Advice to you, honey

Is to follow the money

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pray for campaign finance reform but don't expect much.  The foxes are guarding the henhouse.

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Melvin Lee's picture

Smilesz.. i like how u associate the typical characteristics of an animal to the negative traits of man....so very clever, and witty too !~! Interesting title ....made me wonder about the poem itself, even BEFORE i read it . :))