Time And Tide

one pair of hands can dig into the enriched surface of the earth

hands dirtied with mineral & gravel can till the fields with distant

hopes to provide another harvest, once again

even still,

there will be days under a summer's sun that will continue to be long

and blistering,

having storms that would whisper they're howling winds with destructive intent,

it has always been known that the power of will has always provided

fuel for the weary heart and the weary soul.

true prosperity is a reward given only to those who has placed the

generations of life ahead of them as the purist fruit that can be plucked from the vine,

and combined,

with a second pair of hands, readied with determination, prepared with

life and experience

lies an unshakable bond

able to withstand the rain that will fall

to ensure that life after death may continue on without hesitation, nor stumble.

with the power of two becoming one

lies an inner-strength

able to outlast any monument made of iron and stone

as true of all things everlasting

just as the will of time & tide itself

in which all life in this world depends on to grow one generation

after the next.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Created after the passing of my Grandfather and dedicated to the longevity of the bond between him and my Grandmother.

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