Impact of Ballistics

The weight of leverage within our modern civilization, while left unchecked, has been known to disrupt our logical ideals at unfortunate high-speeds.

With the need for recovery and repair drastic in number, the score of casualties continue to mound as they rise, dragged and fatigued, from a cursed dissolution.

Armor fused with ambition and admiration has proved to buckle, to cinder while the opposition has spent countless efforts to maintain the fires of its Scorched Earth Tactics.

The masterful penstroke crafted from towers high above has set forth the waves of pestilence that fog the air.

Set to digest all hope, engulf Dawn's dashing light which may provide guidance towards self-fulfillment.

A path for some, unpaved, a path for most unseen.

Stricken from high above, by a lance that rips through, words that cut off the knees leaving a critical wound open for all to see.

Left with little time to mend, with the battle still unsung

against words that harm, words that kill.

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