Definition of R.E.M. Sleep

I lie, frozen within my personal confines of R.E.M. Sleep

Motionless and at peace

Having a glimpse of what tomorrow may bring, the basics of human desire

All the while, swimming amongst flashes of visions, both of pleasure and of pain

This stage of sabotage has been set, now disarmed and exposed

Visions that have placed me closer to you, your gravity, your grasp onto me

Where fascination, now formless, has fooled my senses with ease

Placing hands where hands should hold and never let go

Placing lips where lips should caress and adjust as needed

The sense of two bodies, intoxicated, providing warmth and pressure while vigorously rigid against the living room wall

Allowing for the natural sense of balance to take control, to become all powerful within this premeditation


I lie, restless with eyes open, plotting and waiting for what R.E.M Sleep has to offer one so eager to discover tomorrow

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ethezube's picture

this is definitely your best piece, good words, good flow, the imagery stands out... you should focus on these things more and let them lead you, like they did in this poem.