When The Light Breaks The Dark



Stepping down into a blind faith of anticipation

Peering over a flowing sea of slaves obedient to a masterful percussion.

I plunge in.

Joining them in the flooded room of symphonic booms that rattles the boards beneath me, slamming the walls beside me

Freedom, as a I extend my arms, my hands, looking to the ceiling in a silent rejoice

Listening to a kaleidoscope of synthetic sounds as I respond to every beat through movement with a loss of independence.

And then

Silence consumes.

A sudden sheet of darkness covers the floor.

A much needed pause that stops us to a halt

To breathe, and look around to see others, like me, who are still standing on this altar most appreciative.

There's a faint tempo progressing in the foreground.

Followed by a string of strobing lights that dash from one side of the room to the other as I spin around to follow in amazement.

I turn back to see my king posed on his elevated throne looking downward upon his collection of subjects.

And with a wave of his hands, a smile from his face

A voice of angelic purity soars with angelic ease with a note that resonates from his tower made of speakers and sub-woofers.

The bass and percussions once again ignite and accelerates at a welcomed pace with the light, oh and the light, joining them hand-in-hand providing

A sonic synergy

A sonic stimulation that overcomes you when the light breaks the darkness that's around you

Inside you

The darkness that surrounds you everyday, in which you must break free from...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am also a Child of Trance as well...

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gentle's picture

First of all you show such a wide expance of knowledge by using such a rarely used, but powerful word: synergy.

It describes so much - a combination of site, sound & emotion all rolled into one... I have heard music like this that completely consumes the senses.

This piece just draws one in the same way."Freedom, as I extend my arms, my hands, looking to the ceiling in a silent rejoice.... pure synergy...

Beautifully written. Well done.


Gentle is the night♥