Like The Wind In Your Face


An exhilarating

An accelerating

A perpetual force

Your driving

and hurling

and whirling  ahead

a sprint most hasteful

a dash most gracefull

your reaching a speed that thrusts you,


Do you know what it feels like, the wind in your face?

Your neck in a backward recoil.

Its a wide awakening

Its like a brand new dawn open for all to enjoy.

A  bright and ambitious horizon you can see placed before you that becomes clear to you when your moving,


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gentle's picture

Very uplifting!!! Exciting!!!

Makes me want to go out & ride the big rollercoaster where I work... 5.2g's of power in a minute & a half ride...... woohoo!!!

I like this one.


Gentle is the night♥

ugonna's picture

May this wind bring a whole,
foraward looking new day
to humanity's face, yours
and mine.

Keep thinking and writing,


J Mac's picture

Well done! An excellent peice of work!

deborah's picture

Bravo for all of your new posts Keith, very nicely written, I applaud! Thanks for sending the link.