Bright Yellow Lights


We go on in the summer heat, breathing life to a world festering with little to no resolve

With a growing infestation of pride, of vanity under every crack, under every crevice

Roaches that pile and layer to a stifling cluster

They over-run, over-flow amongst each other, like a constant surge of rats,  of raw sewage, to the point of suffocation

Having such a cultivating rise of negligence in a world, while our daily  distrust  of others allow our bonds to be even less cohesive

Oh, but to set aside our prized personal securities that drape over the mind's eye,

Like paper in the wind,  

Would prove to be a torturous task for most

All of which, a dog's chew toy,  a child's play thing, all a needless consumption of space which can be easily doused in flames, set ablaze to be liberated into a billow of black smoke

Which now gives us the time to awaken and join hands as we realize the competition for "pick-of-the-litter" is transparent as any alpha male around us.

We should all welcome that sweet opportunity for correction

For revision

Embrace and look towards the sky to see that foreboding bright yellow light

Bright yellow lights with  mushroom heads and thunderous footsteps declaring their imminent, generous arrival.

One by one

Every town and every nation

Every boy and every girl

Every rape and every lie

Eliminated without discrimination

Even if the costs are mine to bear would be fine if it means that we get to start.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't worry, I'm not homicidal or anything, but having to dwell in an over-population of egos and arragance would affect any stable mind...

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poetvg's picture

nice work

gentle's picture

An amazing piece of work... There is such starkness, such honesty, such realistic truths here, it is almost frightening.

I think we all wonder sometimes what it would be like if some great hand of fate purged the world & we were left behind to start again.

Would it be like the sugar - coated version of the movie: The Quiet Earth?

Or would it be like the brutal reality of the movie: Threads?

Personally, I would prefer the latter.

Well said... Lots of food for thought.


Gentle is the night♥

ugonna's picture

The imagery here is glarring;
with its explication of the
humanity we are and the
worlsd we live in!