Gusts of Gentle Breeze


A prevailing wind

Invisible to our naked eye

It touches our pores

Sails on by that lingers on our skin

A sheet of lace you continue to run through

A constant stream, gusts of gentle breeze, that lifts your body afloat, upward

Looking over the boulevard below

Swatting the clouds in your way

Blocking the pestering light of the sun that gleams

Climbing at such an altitude

Such speed

Gasping for air, ignoring your own safety as you feel your blood running thinner

Noticing a cease of movement

Noticing the movement of the earth rushing, hurtling, being thrown at you


Everything is coming closer too fast

Heart pumping, racing

Senses heightened

Open and aware


Everything is coming too close

Too close to your face, you forcefully guard with your arms, before you awaken, and

Breathe once again...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Was inspired by the song "Another Morning Stoner" by "...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of the Dead" (I LOVE that name!!) A group I recently added to my fav list. (

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poetvg's picture

neat piece .

gentle's picture

To me, this is the same sensation one would receive when doing anything that defies the law of the air like parachuting, skiing or even landing in an airplane.

Such excitement!!!

BTW, love your site!!! If you ever do write those sci fi scripts, I'd love to check out the movie. I am a big fan & I have a feeling they would be great.


Gentle is the night♥