The Ground


Cleaning the slate would be so simple

Carrying this heavy pack is getting old

Situations and burdens are multiplying by the dozen

I doubt that anyone would notice if I was to fold.

Life has just begun and already its far to cold

Opportunity is the sky and its beyond my reach

The Ground, ah The Ground would be a nice place to settle

Instead of having the locusts that peck and leach off of my sweat and soul, constantly, swarming feverishly without rest.

Giving up before life gets you would be for the best

Because the grip that it has is begining to suffocate and stifle

Surrender now and laugh at all those who squander and toil like the neighboring drone

Even if I don't know the outcome, so what, I'm still fucked anyway you look at it.

So stand aside, while I go




In the ground I lie below

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