My Island

Why did I treat you with such noble admiration

For my admiral disregarded my being and abandoned

ship far too soon.

Why did I waste those countless nights wallowing in tears

of regret and disillusion because you left.

Tears you assumed were from a mere broken heart

are instead raging rivers filled with the anguish from

a ruptured will

Rivers draining into a forever-spanning ocean,

My ocean,

of sadness, anger, and weight-pulling despair.

Why did you have to abandon me on this day?

Didn't you know I couldn't swim alone, all by myself?

I'm struggling, reaching out to grasp for you guiding hand

as the waters overtakes my slender body, with you, not

there to pull me out.

The salty waters of sorrow and grief begin to

take in my lungs.

My legs, kicking and padding, trying to reach the distant

surface, when I see in a short distance a tiny island

set amongst the chaotic waves of the unrelenting ocean.

The island is now within reach and I hoist my beaten body

onto this newfound land.

I take in gulps of the delicious fresh air to soon find


A bizarre yet welcoming sense of tranquility while sitting

here on this island,

My island,

Recuperating from the destruction you have guided in my


Over time, I soon find that the love I once had for you

is no longer present

Completely dissolved, those sentimental feelings has gone

spiraled down the drain

As did my ocean of sorrow, the tides has now lessen to

meager puddles to bypass

I can look back at my past that you have obliterated, and

I can now look forward to a fruitful and prosperous future

Without you

Once an inescapable maelstrom, now an insignificant


I am ready to begin anew

Without u  

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Reven Undone's picture

An amazing write. I hope to read some more

Tim / manatee Marshall's picture

HI~ I tip my hat to you,such a nice feeling one & of deep truth,an ending ia always a wonderful new start,and me living on an island,really like it thanks,your writings are always getting better L&P

Teresa Jacobs's picture

WIOW! Good poem. I am going back to read it again.

Billy McClure's picture

I just lost the love of my dreams. Your poem is truly inspirational, and my days will be easier knowing that there is someone else out there who knows what it is like. The poem touched me deep.

Melvin Lee's picture

Quite a powerful story u jus weaved. I enjoyed reading it. The flow is really admirable....and i think i like the 'Tears you assumed were from a mere broken heart...are instead raging rivers filled with the anguish from a ruptured will' Very poignant, very passionately charged. With shades of forlorn sadness, and yet with strong will at the end. Most lovely poem. I am glad to have known u here, Keith. I sincerely welcome u to POstpoems ... hope your stay here will be a pleasant one.Smilesz.