Your soul is nothing but a vessel

a vessel that may only retain and conceal the bubbling red fuel of rage

the tidal wave of shame

the isolated blizzard of sadness

and the punctured heart that gushes the pain of lost love or lack of it

your vessel is a dam in which your most intimate secrets are kept within

your heart longs to satisfy the urge to release the floodgates and allow the waters to flow through the network of rivers, but you are unaware of the repercussions of this irrigation

still you divert energy towards keeping, holding, and preventing this from occurring that soon builds into knee-bending pressure

pressure that places you in a box with every angle inclosing you in claustrophobic darkness

with that, every where you turn

the top

the bottom

the front

the back


THE RIGHT begins closing inward

you hold out your arms, place your out-stretched palms on each side attempting to hinder the progress of the compacting walls, but your elbows weaken

the impending sides overpowers your feeble body, the walls continue to close in, crushing your balled-up frame until...

you see your reflection in the mirror

you gaze into the depth of your eyes

wondering if its best if you would just die because your worthless, miserable

you cry your tears of blue, bellow your wails of yellow, and spill your blood of crimson, only to live amongst the world of the colorblind, and expected to keep up the pace in the chain-gang while you lie in your own puddle of suffering

you choose not to go outdoors for the fear that someone just might see your hole, so you imprison yourself indoors

forever indoors

forever inner torment

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running_with_rabbits's picture

wow this is more then amazing it sounds like me at first and almost till the end this is well done and worded wonderfuly thanks for read its kinda like looking thro someone else's eyes and seeing me, alone and scared you have a way with words i hope you intent to use it much love ashley

Much Love