The Ring


the things I will do for the past are telling

darker than darkness

I linger like things not said–

once I wrote that I wanted to know you

and now through knowing you

you are the only puzzle I will never solve–

finding the corners but

never all of them–

just searching for the dead ends,

what I think will close me in


the words I will use do not make a heaven of your body

they do not make me a martyr

they keep me in this empty space

they do not tell me I am as beautiful as I can be but

they have never told me you are not trying


the things I will do for the truth

are making me split like a parody

fight like inside my head

and all this character wants

is just to make her mine again


my body is another way to stretch my words until they break

it is something I don’t want to form until I speak it


you are everything I will lose

the end and the beginning and

the things I will do for love are sinful

scrabbling for grip

you are the only enemy I will never fight

just stand there in the ring

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/15/22

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