Blue Glittering


You chase the world

I am not on your heels

and you don’t seem to notice

but after a while you turn my way


I’m still the one

who gets to sit here

and contemplate

I don’t get to run


I was a queen here


I broke the ground

with a silent sting

when you left



they said

I followed the crown instead


I hung the sapphires on my wall

to forget

seeing you in the mirror

and so

with the blue glittering

I didn’t have to see myself


Maybe that’s

the whole point isn’t it

beaten broken and stirred

No matter how many ghosts

I choose to chain to your wall

you’re still alive


So you chase the world

I take the wheel

back from you

hoping I can find my track

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/20/19

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