The Best Kind Of Book


is one I can choose

like a kickstart,

no warning

don’t need to try too hard

to hurt myself,

just want to pick the path

these shoes want.


is one I can drown in

but remember

at the last moment

to come up for air.


is one I can finish

and fall,


taking it in.


is one I don’t need

to build my heart for,

or a cage

around it.

is simple like

I never wrote it to be.


is one I don’t need to open

to feel the ending.


and still,

is one

I am not afraid of.

the monsters can come

and storm our ship.

I will stand.


is one I can breathe with

like we fit together

and if the walls come in

we will take turns

being the small one.


is one I can lie next to

and trace with my fingertips,

feel it under my skin

as we give and take life from each other.

You are a story I don’t want to forget.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/4/19

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