I should have known a lot of things


I suddenly sit

here thinking is it

really so far if

it doesn’t hurt my feet

to walk there, I

should have known

by the way

you looked at



I should

have known how it

would feel to lose. Lose

a race, lose you, lose

me. Is it

really so bad

not to want, not to

have a clue who

I am or what I’m

doing, just

to want things to stay

the same?


I should

have known a lot of

things, like heartbreak

before it hit

me. I should

have known how fast

this wind would

carry me. Will

you hold the bravest

rarest most fragile

parts of me even when

they don’t look like


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/13/19

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Melancholia has beset 

me again, shattered

remembrance again, lightly 

transformed each breeze

that scrapes past skin

into stillness and loss

becomes vacuousness.