I saw the sleeve you wore your heart on

I’m wondering if it’s still there

since I’m still yours

and there are pieces of us everywhere,

in all my old scribbles,

buried in all of your coat pockets.

But it’s summer now.


You are what I used to see in movies.

You make me a truth teller,

turn my lights out

and then you’re gone before morning

and anyway I can’t keep track of time.

Where did the snow go,

where are all your coat pockets?

Given a moment I would sew them all up for you.


You are what I used to dream in color

I can’t be here, I’m colorblind

but I still watch your sleeves when you turn your back.

It’s summer now, too miserable for sleeves,

your shirts hang on by a string.

Where did the time go?


We are preachers and sinners at the same time.

So be honest,                 

now that I can’t read you like a book,

write me a story.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/13/18

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Lovely Write, Written Lovingly

Sometimes the pieces come together and fit perfectly - like this - slc (where ya been woman?)! - Stella