I don't know how to separate poetry from humanity


this is sometimes poetry

sometimes how I break and bend


this is sometimes humanity


you can’t tell it how to run

how it slips through your mouth


yesterday I looked at my own dissertations

on life and dreams and apples and you

and it was like

you wrote it

while I was sleeping


I’m not your toy

you can’t

write with my hands

you can’t hold them either


sometimes I don’t mean to

but I use your breath

to crinkle the pages


sometimes I don’t mean to

but I open this notebook

and crash and burn


and maybe sometimes

it’s not

for you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/9/18

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poetry is the quintessence of

poetry is the quintessence of the human soul.  It's easy to confuse poetry with humanity because they are so intertwined.

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Sometimes Humanity

Always about humans no matter the matter. Good to read you again - slc

Hi, long time no see. - Stella 07-01-18