A Fight With Myself


You should not

be looking

through these pictures.


Pieces of the past

will drive you mad.


Eyes open



you can’t decide which way to turn,

which mind you believe.


Every road that looks like home

looks like that day too,

every little flashback

and the tears burn

and maybe that’s why you don’t look

at people’s faces

on the streets

because everything

you think you can hold long enough to love

is slipping from your shoulders.


You are going through

the map traveled by her fingertips

but you should not

be drifting off

in the middle of living.



love her

pick up the spare change that lets you feel lucky

tell yourself

there is nothing missing here

there should be nothing to make the black hole open


then turn around and go back to that place

where the devil sits,

where he reminds you

this is a fire of a heart

and it can burn

or it can bleed.

You should not

be looking

through these pictures.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/6/18

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allets's picture

Marvelously Written

I like the direct address. "You should not..." - slc