Alive in Autumn (day 58)

I wrap myself in a new fresh air cocoon

and sigh desperately content for

another breeze coming, now now…now,

just like always, I know

but it seems like I’ve missed it more than usual this year


I’ve gotten used to the burning wind rushing up my back

but I can’t stand it


I wrap myself in the friendly hum

of these creatures, they walk so lightly

I can tell they love the same things I do


I don’t need any other energy

than the charm that crowns my head

when I shake the tops of trees

and all the colors fall down


It’s like a sugar rush,

coming back here

it fits like a glove

on our wanders through the spiraling paths

that have almost disappeared

for the leaves setting my ground on fire


why’s it called fall when I walk so high?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/27/16

Sugar rush

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allets's picture

"...a fresh air cocoon..."

I like the way your mind churns up wondrous images - bravo! - slc