Half Asleep


We’re half asleep, can’t

fool me now, please

tell me if I’m right or wrong


We parry, thrust,

let me leave if you’re

going to keep slipping away


I see the light

at the top of the stairs,

maybe you left it on for me


But if my teasing ghost

flips the switch back and forth

let me go before I dive too deep


Wide awake, I’m swearing

and sweating off your touch

and everything sweet you ever told me


But you stay half asleep,

spending careless compliments,

throwing away everything I gave

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/4/16

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"Sweating off your touch" I LOVE that line. I am actually a little jealous of It. Great write, i enjoyed the torturous emotions in it. 

"It is a terrible thing to be so open. It is as if my heart put on a face and walked into the world" -- Sylvia Plath.