Don't Blink


Time speeding down a waterfall,
time spent shooting the breeze
Time flickers back and forth,
time rushes toward you with ease


You want tomorrow, next week, next year
Full of flashes and fire and energy
But maybe by next year time will run out
Right now run, sprint, fly with me


I own the mountains, the storms, the wind
Follow me further than you’ve ever been
Swallow the streetlights, glide overhead
Come with me past the world’s end


Please watch for me by moonlight,
remember everything we never say
Please pick apart my breaths and pauses,
hesitation throws precious time away


Can you see beyond the horizon
Did you catch that shooting star
I want a shivering sky full of sunsets
I wish we could freeze time where we are


Quick, think, speed up, faster
Take it in, love, keep a hawk’s eye
Quick, look now, don’t ever blink-
something’s always passing by.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/17/16

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To Entertain and To Teach

"...hesitation throws precious time away..." it is lines like this that give me pause, but I consider it time well used. Bravo write! Enjoyment is the flip side of writing good poetry.