Last in Line


Once you held the sun

in your hands, the stars

in your eyes, tiny cities

in your circled arms


Once I was blind,

I’m fateful still,

stumbling in darkness

to reach your windowsill


I don’t know why we are,

I don’t know what this is

I always do your bidding

all I know is this


I’m always last in line

when they come along

I’ve settled for second best

but I’ve never felt so strong


And can I be anything

any better, any more

I can be anything for you

if you tell me what for


but you stand me

on the sidelines to wait

Paralyzed but I don’t know

how much more I can take


I’ve scanned the world

looking for someone like you

and realized there’s too many

more to stay with you

I’m surrounded by brand new starts

and this clock stops suddenly

I look up and down and all around

listen to the world finally


And now she whispers to me

that you put me last in line-

I hope I can believe her

as she tells me that she’s mine

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/21/16

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