It’s too cold to tell the truth to you

cause I’m aching at the sky’s deep blue

but darling, there’s not much left to do

but build this house back up.


We run into the horizon’s sign,

catching elements of us in a line

I’m looking at you like you’re mine

and maybe someday you could be.


Even when our love’s messed up

and your diamonds are buried in the rough

I’ll still be trying to fill this cup

with coffee and magic instead of toxin.


You breathe made-up words into my pen-

it’s too close to starting over, then

soon bare trees will bloom again

and complete, we will begin with spring.


Stacking us up with pure beautiful tools,

breaking all the world’s rules

that scream at us only fools

forgive and rebuild like us.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/26/16

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A mood raiser - thanks, made me smile. - Stella