Dear God, I told you

we have to change

We can’t keep on living like this

We’re missed opportunities,

love and stillness

locked up in a time capsule

We’re locked at a standstill

despite the tense molecules around us

begging for a kiss


Because what if we

risk and step and slip and fall,

our footprints on the cliff

the only thing left of us?

And our bodies mesh together

as we hit the ground 


but in reality you’re still

linking your arm through mine,

laughing as the afternoon carries us

all the way to the sun,

our heads bent over the cityscapes


and I know you like I know this city view

in this second,

forever and for years

and better than you do

and all the way through


not at all


And our chemistry’s the legend

of a thousand centuries

but we’re still




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/3/16

Dedicated to Makayla and Gianni…

it’s physically painful how much I love you together

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