Set Me Free

Being pulled on

From both sides

I'd look to see

Who is torturing me

But I know it's you

Who can't let go

You won't let me breathe

Or speak another name

Without losing yourself

And therefore 

Pushing me away

I wish you could see

What you do to me

The damage done

To my heart 

And my self-esteem

The pain

Once again

Screaming in my head

So deafening

I'd try to cover my ears

But you can't cover up

What you can't see

Can't disguise 

What is buried deep

I long for a break

From the drowning

The gasping for air

The flailing

Reaching out

Touching nothing

Because you are so lost

That you can't see me

Nor hear me

I wish you saw me 

Heard me

And knew I wouldn't hurt you

I beg of you, please 

Give me a break

Set me free

Find your inner peace

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