5 Tips to Choose a Corporate Gifts Supplier in Singapore

Choosing a corporate gifts supplier is one of the hardest tasks that’s assigned to the Human Resources Department in a company. Why is it the hardest? It is because there are company budgets, choices, and the employer’s company tie-ups.

How do you select a corporate gifts supplier in Singapore by keeping these things in mind? You read about blogs on such topics! So, here are the five tips to quick, easy, and quality supplier to select.


Ask for Promotional Merchandise

Whether you are buying or ordering one item to check their quality and imprinting process, then you can write an email to the supplier for free goodies to send you before you order. This way, you will know if the supplier is trying to dope you the quality or not.


Check Website for Available Ideas

It is human nature that one cannot always have ideas flowing through the day or night. We all need inspiration. So, for that, you can check their website, where you can see other companies’ products as samples. Get inspired and gift your employees.


Buying for Employees and Long-term Business Partners

Corporates gifts are not just for employees or employers. Business partners are part of that company too. So, select a supplier that can supply you with bulk order in minimum time and checked quality.


Check Delivery Options

This tip is imperative because a corporate gifts supplier in Singapore should deliver you within the set time. If the supplier’s warehouse is far away from the delivery address, then it would take time for them to deliver or not?  Ensure that the supplier will not keep you hanging anytime soon.


Check Number of Items in Catalogue

Always check how many products a corporate gifts supplier in Singapore is having in its catalog. You do not want to feel back down with limited options in front of you. An ideal supplier has more than 50 items to offer anytime to the clients.

Close now, you must check the tips mentioned above before booking a supplier for your gifting items. In Singapore, a corporate gifts supplier offers more than 55 products in the range, do check SWITTS.

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