England’s Best. (simple pleasures)

 A dappled lawn, the song of birds,

and daisies with their arms



Every leaf with open palm offering

shade to those below.


Soft breezes all their secrets tell

are whispering through the trees.


A little dog in doorway curled

has grass seed in his fur.


A summer day of England's best

her simple pleasures to bestow.



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patriciajj's picture

A delicate, picturesque and

A delicate, picturesque and charming vacation for the senses. It gives the reader a very valuable (and don't underestimate its value) gift: 


It makes us feel good. Thank you, dear poet. 

sweetwater's picture

Thank you for such a kind

Thank you for such a kind comment, to make someone feel good because they read a poem I wrote is a marvellous thing,

and I really appreciate it. Xx



Wordman's picture

Mini portraits of beauty,

Mini portraits of beauty, vignettes to be cradled in a smile. As always, thanks so much for sharing. 

sweetwater's picture

Thank you, I wrote it as the

Thank you, I wrote it as the thoughts came along, it was such a lovely day. :-)

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A pure and beautiful

A pure and beautiful celebration of Spring and the joy it brings. Thanks for sharing. /Rik.

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Thank you so much for reading

Thank you so much for reading and also leaving your very kind comment. :-) Sue.

Stephen's picture

Very beautiful.


sweetwater's picture

Thank you Stephen :-)  I

Thank you Stephen :-) 

I popped over to your page and read several of your poems, I wish I could 

write such in depth poetry. It’s very good.



Stephen's picture

Depth and beauty are two different things.

There is much to be said of the natural beauty of your poems.

sweetwater's picture

I call mine poetry fluff but

I call mine poetry fluff but yours are real poetry, beautifully  worded and

have real substance.  I guess we are all different but poetry is still poetry. :-)