Summer’s Bones.

Autumn sings with misted breath

calls her tune to colour there,

glistened blades of jewelled eye

behold the gifted season's wealth.

As tangled tresses, mottled now

twine within the summer's bones.

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I love that the poem develops

I love that the poem develops with each line the 'bones' of summer. Being a fan of autumn, myself, this has been a delightful poem to read. The line: "glistened blades of jewelled eye," is quite a beauty. The mottling entwining is a wonderful transition-melding together of seasons. Thanks for sharing. /Rik.

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Thank you very much, I'd

Thank you very much, I'd forgotten about this one only found it when I looked at my old iPad.

Autumn is a favourite of mine too. :-) Sue.