You are my comfort

in the night,

a shield against 

the darkness.


No demon's tread

upon the stair

or bloodless hand

shall grip my door.


For there you stay

to guard my bed 

you're at my side

--You are there--

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Harvey, the dog I love so much and miss desperately.

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allets's picture


Always with you in your heart and memories. Life is enhanced by those we love and I know you gave him so much pack companionship. A toast to Harvey! To Love. ~S~



sweetwater's picture

Having him by my bed was very

Having him by my bed was very reassuring I knew nothing could creep up 

on me while asleep. Yes, a toast to Harvey :-) and to all the animals who share our lives. Xx

Stephen's picture

I have little or no affection for animals.

However, your poems about Harvey have made me come to love him.  Stephen

sweetwater's picture

Aww thank you Stephen that is

Aww thank you Stephen that is a lovely thing to say.

i shouldn’t say it but I have had dogs all my life and truly loved them all but

Harvey was on a different level, I’ll never experience his like again

but don’t tell my current dog that :-) :-) sue.