Locked Doors.

Time slips away behind

the doors we lock,

dissolves into the past

as we look the other way:

yet as we ourselves shall fall

time will not forget us.

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We write down our lives and will be found when some scholarly Master's candidate explores the Post Modern ink stained fingers of this age (not associated with viruses and sequestering) :D



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I was sent a photo of a very

I was sent a photo of a very old door in a rough brick wall with forgetmenot's either side of the door, and that got me thinking about time passing, and not being completely forgotten because part of our lives are there for others to see.

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A perfect description of dissociation.


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Well I was going more with

Well I was going more with association, of the past and the future together in the same place. :-) 

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Excellent Comparisons

The forget-me-nots - very much a time image. I love to play with time references - they are infinite! A fine initial image to associate with the persistence and relentlessness of history and remembersnce. ~S~