He is my shelter

from the storm,

He is my safe haven

from all harm,

When I am frightened,

and feel all alone,

He is there,

when all others are gone.

He lives in me,

I know for sure,

His love for me,

will endure.

The Great I Am,

that is He,

And I know that he died for me,

He gave his life on the tree

The tree they call Calvary

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This Poem came to me when I was scared and lonely..

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pudnsis1's picture

Susan, Well penned words. There isn't anyone better to have with us when we are frightened and lonely. He is also good company to have around all the time. This is a wonderful piece full of emotion and movement, Thanks for sharing. Linda

cevance's picture

Very nice indeed. Beautifully composed. -Carl