By jfarrell


I shout a lot;

At the radio, at my cats

At myself.


There hasn’t been anyone to talk to

For a very long time,

So, I shout at my radio.


In my isolation

I shout, just so I can hear me

Because the silence is deafening.


Unspoken conversations run through my head

With real people;

Real people ignorant of my existence.


I watch people

Yap, yap, yap,

All day long.


I may not talk to people;

But, what I see,

Other people don’t talk to each other either;


They just yap, yap, yap;

Shouting at my radio

Probably makes for a better conversation.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

is talking to other people nice, or is it just yap, yap, yap?

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Conversational Airs



Fill the atmosphere and make it hard to hear

the stars glow or the sands whisper. Too many

voices lead to chaos and no one can reason

or believe straight for long. Interference as talk

or nonsense as conversation equals mostly

the way it works so rightly or wrongly. 


Eventually, the voices land on a topic that 

does not require shorthand or signals, sounds

or grunts that earn agreement. If something

relevant is said twice a day in any country

then we will have suceeded as humans.






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sadly, thats too true, so

sadly, thats too true, so totally profound and an amazingly good poem :-)