Destroying Legacy

Destroying Legacy

By jfarrell


For profit,

Legacies are being destroyed.

My children’s home, for example,

And social housing trusts.


Long before I, or many of us, were born,

Rich, caring people, ‘philanthropists’, we called them;

Left great areas of land and building



To be used for social housing, children’s homes….

Hospitals, schools, the list is endless;

A hundred years before I was born

A rich person entrusted his lands which became my children’s home.


That piece of land, holding 25 houses, for children in need,

Was sold for one, solitary, single pound (british);

And each, now private, semi-detached house

Sells for a quarter of a million pounds.


Whether a hundred years ago, a person left housing,

Or today, you build a school…

Because tomorrow we make money selling it…

What real legacies are there left, or will remain?

They will sell it.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i see great crimes going unrecognised and unpunished

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