Waves of darkness

Waves of darkness

                           By jfarrell


Here in my tower I watch the coming storm;

The raven coloured clouds of regret;

The silvery-edged waves of woe, drenching my soul;

The lightening sheds a spotlight on my aloness.


Pain-wrapped feelings of guilt;

Pain wrapped feelings of need;

Drink the beer, drown it;

Smoke the weed, numb it.


And “why me, again?”

Leads to “I’ve had enough! No more! My turn!”

My fantasies are so blood-soaked….

My dreams, asleep and waking, so violent; vile.


Everything I think, see, feel, is so violent;

And, my anger, my hate, is awakened;




I smile, shake your hand, but that voice, that command,

Means you too;

I may drown in my miasma of despair;

Please take this life-jacket; don’t drown with me.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

it's a nice life-jacket

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