I am not a sinner

I am not a sinner

  By jfarrell


To hurt another is wrong;

Known that as long as I can remember remembering;

And lotsa things I might do, can hurt;

So, I try not to; I don’t always succeed.


You ‘know’ god - you think I less moral than you?

By what right?
I brought me up; no god; no parents;

Think I did a pretty good job.


I am not a sinner;

I was not born into sin;

I am a nobody; nothing;

Ask your god.


He’ll tell you.. “Don’t get near his shoes; don’t even smell his shoes”;

I dare you, walk in my shoes 5 minutes…

“smell it… smell it… now TAKE it!” (adam sandler should be a god)

I am a nobody with very, very bad smelling feet.


Please don’t judge me. You don’t have any right.

So, I don’t shave often as I might; I swear more then you like;

And I fantasise about killing my neighbour; very, very slowly;

But you have no right, wotsoever, to judge me.


I wish you all rainbows ;-)



Author's Notes/Comments: 

happy rainbows all

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