Can I Get A Refund?

Can I Get A Refund?

   By jfarrell


This is not what I signed up for;

“These are the rules…”

I followed the rules.


And I am nowhere I can recognise;

Where are my family?

My friends?


Oh, yeah;

Family - separated long ago;

Friends - I drove the last I had away!


“Jim, you’re so negative”

“Jim, you’re weak, tell you what…”

“Don’t phone me.”


So, I didn’t.

“Jim, my computer’s broken, can you fix it?”

What did I miss?


I’m so desperate for friends I’ll jump when he says?

I’m so drunk I won’t remember what he said;

I’m so stupid, it won’t matter?


I want a refund!

People suck!

Can I get a refund please?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

refund 'r' us :)

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