By Jfarrell

You and I are 30cms apart,

That’s all;

Ok, that’s on a map;

Tomorrow, who knows?


Here and now,

We are 30cms apart.


Can you too, like me,

Hear other readers say

“duh, its a map dumbass, the real distance is far greater.”

And, I hope, like me,

You are laughing at their ignorance.


Last night,

We held hands,

We kissed,

We made love,

And we lay together, exhausted,

Bathed in each other’s sweat.

Aglow in each other’s love.


The power of love,

The power of our imaginations,

Overcame that distance,

We were together.



Maybe tomorrow,

Maybe a tomorrow after tomorrow,

We will be together in actuality;

You know I will be there,

As soon as I can.



Here and now,

We are 30cms apart

And that distance is agonising;


Take a deep breath,

Close your eyes;

Now open them.


“hi, my sweet, sweet love, sorry I took so long.”

I am here.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

imagination is a very powerful thing, maybe the most powerful tool we yield