Drifting polar eyes

Walking uneven lines

(Still You're right here by my side)

Shifting magma flow

Needing to explode

But I settle for implode

Now I'm holding my own load

Stop turn around

Looking toward the ground

Sheltering my frown

But they never hear a sound

Foggy covered lens

Silence calling friends

Respiration sends

My heart to a dead end


Upside down floating lies

Creeping right with my disguise

But I never close my eyes

They could stare and just forget me

Barely even get me

Ghostly I go crawling home and setup my own bedding

Help crying out in a drought

Falling fading darkness

You brought me in a space towards Your grace

Committed to keep Your promise


Face now recognized

Walking a straight line

(You're now the focus of my eyes) 

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