Apology For Copying And Pasting---A Frank Confession

I guess it had to catch up to me sooner or later.  Yes, I have copied and pasted:  I copied and pasted my own titles for the series I have revised and retitled as 27.055, The Blue Levels Enigma.  I did not catch the typo in the title---the title I made up on my own---before doing a copy and paste, which replicated the error in several poems.


However, even my myopic eyes caught the typo error, which convicted me of my error in copying and pasting my own titles iwithout first checking the words in the c & p.


So, repenting of my foolishness, and any inconvenience caused to the readers of my poems, I have thoroughly corrected these silly and unacceptable errors; and, going forward, I will be most careful in my use of the c & p, when I copy and paste my own titles, or anything else that is mine.





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