Apology To Readers

"Exegi monumentum aere perennius

regalique situ pryamiudium altius . . ."

---Horace, Ode 3.30


Recently I have posted several poems that use that ancient Sapphic stanza, four lines---three of eleven syllables, and a fourth which contains---I now know---five, not four, syllables.   I have corrected each of my lineage errors, to the best of my ability, and two I have fully reposted (with the term Redux) in the titles.  Please advise me of any further errors that you might find.


I post this admission because I have said, in both verse and in comments, that proper spelling and grammar are essential to good poetry.  A poem is not just something I care to say, however I wish to say it, about anything I want it to be . . . because my feelings need to be expressed:  this is the key to blogging, and keeping secret journals at midnight, not to writing poetry.  My respect for the Western Canon---although, admittedly, I am a mere amateur in its presence and grandeur---requires that I correct my compositional errors, while learning from them.


Again, I apologize.  I will do my best to ensure that it does not happen again.  Poetry is a heritage---its subjects, forms, measures, rhyme schemes, and rules of construction.  Like Horace, in the quotation presented above, I have wished to construct a poetic edifice, and I try to follow the precedents of the Western Canon the way an architect follows the postulates and theorems of geometry.  Hopefully, the edifice will not be dilapidated or lopsided.



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