+ 27.225 MHz 044: Encomium To The Evangelist Saint Mark

Your Gospel is more than theology;

more than a documented history;

more even than sacred biography:

it is, holy and wholly, Poetry;


and should be read by those who, gratefully---

despite some doubters' clamored perfidy---

appreciate poetic artistry.


They say your Greek is bad, a degradation;

but I suggest it is a poor translation---

of your Latin; and the original

was lost to Christians; but someday, somewhere,

the manuscript will be found, and will bear

witness to the skillful presentation

with which Christ blessed you by His inspiration.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the kind of poem to which I aspired between October 13, 1975 and December 31, 1976. 

I believe that the embedded Latin terms, in the text of Saint Mark's Gospel, suggest that the Gospel may have been written, originally, in Latin; and then badly translated, anonymously, into the awkward and unpolished Greek that (so they tell me) scholars disparage in comparing this Gospel to Saints Matthew's and Luke's.  I have long believed that the comparison is unfair.


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